A PPA ( Power Purchase Agreement ) is a long-term clean energy purchase agreement of renewable origin between an energy supplier and a corporate buyer at a predetermined price (fixed or indexed).

The PPA is consolidating itself as the most recommended option to ensure the highest possible level of competitiveness for companies, due to the purchase of electricity at a price lower than that available on the market and on a fixed basis, and to meet the commitments in matter of sustainability and move towards the energy transition.

Kolya Renewable Developments as an energy supplier

KOLYA bets on this solution to help its customers.

Types of PPPs

PPA solutions are totally adaptable to the challenges of our clients and there are different typologies to cover their needs.

Depending on the location of the renewable assets

Offsite PPAs

Through this agreement, the client receives energy from a renewable park connected to the transmission or distribution network, although not necessarily close to its facilities.

Onsite PPAs

A photovoltaic installation is developed in the client’s facilities, connected to its internal network for its renewable supply. ENGIE is in charge of evaluating, designing, installing and O&M the self-consumption installation.

Depending on economic reasons / energy delivery point

Physical PPA | Full Supply or Sleeved

The client agrees with KOLYA to buy a certain amount of clean energy produced by a renewable energy park, at a rate defined in advance (either fixed or indexed) for a period of 5 to 20 years. In this way, the client benefits from a direct link between the energy they use and that produced by the contracted renewable energy parks, guaranteeing the renewable origin of electricity consumption and demonstrating their commitment to local development.

Virtual PPA

Similar to the Physical PPA, the customer agrees to a long-term purchase of electricity from KOLYA at a predefined rate. This purchase allows KOLYA to invest in new green energy infrastructure.

KOLYA then resells and values the electricity that the customer has purchased on the market. Therefore, the client’s existing contract remains unchanged, while benefiting from the guarantees of origin of the contracted renewable assets.
There is no physical delivery of energy, but a monetary movement based on a contract for differences.

Virtual corporate PPAs are an ideal solution when physical corporate PPAs would be too costly, for example when a customer has multiple sites in multiple countries.

depending on the price

  • PPP Fixed Price . The customer fixes the purchase of energy at a stable price for the duration of the contract.
  • Discounted Indexed PPA . The price will be indexed to the market price, with the client obtaining a discount on that price in exchange for having a floor value.
  • Structured PPA | Extendable . At KOLYA we adapt the price to the needs of the client.

Depending on the consumer profile/
of the way to deliver the energy

  • PPAas generated ”. The customer buys the energy generated by the park.
  • PPAbased load or defined profile ”. The customer buys a stable amount of energy or a defined profile, depending on what the plant produces.
  • PPAas consumed ”. The customer buys a percentage of what he consumes.

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