It is required to incorporate site managers for photovoltaic installations.
It will have a double report, at a functional level it will depend on the person in charge of the company’s projects and at a hierarchical management level.
His fundamental mission will be to direct the projects in the execution phase of the company at a national level with the possibility of availability for international projects.
The main functions are:

  • Guarantee the execution of the project on time following the required quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • Properly optimize and plan resources, control production and certifications, as well as anticipate budget deviations.
  • Will manage the work and the team assigned to it (general manager, assistant managers and administrative staff).
  • Interlocution with the client always looking for the final satisfaction of the same.


Minimum studies: Technical Engineer

Minimum experience of 2 years as project manager in photovoltaic plants and/or solar energy.

Positive assessment of knowledge of languages (English)

Professionals to manage works in the short term, with initiative to make decisions and with the ability to work as a team.

Salary to be agreed.

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