At Kolya Desarrollos Renovables we manage all the phases of a project that are divided into:

1. Start of the project

The initiation phase is crucial in the life cycle of the project, since it is the moment to define the scope and proceed to the selection of the team. Only with a clearly defined scope and a specialized team, success can be guaranteed, and at Kolya we can achieve it.


2. Project planning

This is often the most difficult phase, as it is ultimately about creating a comprehensive set of project plans that lay out a clear roadmap.


3. Project execution

Based on the planning, it will be necessary to complete the programmed activities, with their tasks, and proceed to the delivery of the intermediate products. It is important to ensure good communication at this stage to ensure greater control over progress and timelines. Likewise, it is essential to monitor the evolution of the consumption of resources, budget and time, for which it is usually necessary to rely on some project management tool. At this stage, the following must be managed: risk, change, events, expenses, resources, time, and updates and modifications.


4. Project performance

This phase includes the processes necessary to track, review and monitor the progress of the project. It is conceived as the means of detecting deviations as quickly as possible, in order to identify the areas in which a change in planning may be required. The performance stage is naturally associated with the execution stage, from which it cannot be conceived separately, although due to its importance and critical value.


5. Project closure

This phase comprises all processes aimed at formally completing the project and the inherent contractual obligations. Once this stage is finished, it is formally established that the project has ended.

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KOLYA Desarrollos Renovables are specialists in photovoltaic solar projects all over the world.

Our solar plants produce clean, renewable and economical energy.

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